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The RNG podcast is exactly what it sounds like, a random range of topics that go from funny life stories to the meaning of life all in one conversation provided by You Tubers King Raja & Grizzly Berry.

Some of the topics include TF2, Overwatch, Smash, or even the consumption of raw cow milk.

And if that ain’t the sweetest, most selfless shit you’ve ever seen, I dunno what is.

Love, Good, and Hell: a-bloody er drick96 fruit-shop-own Fixed a bug where players could be teleported to hell and not have visible bumper car drick96 I love this TF2 patch note with no context #tf2 #updates #good 2,219 notes Bad Day, Fedora, and Fuckboy: Iisalmi, Eastern Finland, Finland i make music and stuff sound cloud com ri p awful website [supreme if you're an mge lord, fucking kill yourself. the people that View more info m a fucking tf2 genius king tf2 genius, like I honestly think im one of the most outstanding forces to touch this game but that's all potential.

An AI entity may suddenly switch targets, so that even if each individual target moves around in a continuous fashion, the signal representing “the position that the AI wants to be aiming at” may exhibit discontinuities. A client depending upon a game server for the authoritative value of some continuous variable is only going to receive that variable in bursts.

One of the main reasons to understand control systems theory is to know how best to mask these discontinuities, making a smooth output signal out of a jumpy input one.

Once the master server notifies the server that there is an update available, and requests a restart, this plugin begins a five minute (default, customizable via cvar) timer, after which the server is restarted (by means of the _restart command).

This only works on Linux SRCDS with the -autoupdate parameter added to the command line, or on Windows running a batch file that automatically runs Steam CMD when the server is restarted.

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What I’m saying is: essentially, Medic has, in taking their souls, absolved them of sin and assured them a peaceful afterlife.

Loaded 961 VPK file hashes from C:\Users\Nathan\Desktop\TF2 Server\steamapps\com mon\Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server\tf\tf2_sound_vo_for pure server operation.

Loaded 804 VPK file hashes from C:\Users\Nathan\Desktop\TF2 Server\steamapps\com mon\Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server\tf\tf2_sound_for pure server opera tion.

and im saying to myself i just want to play this game, so i add up to a pug, right, i get picked etc, 410 dpm on pocket.

How the fuck are you going to sit here in mumble with me and NOT put me on your open team?

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