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The camera pans onto an unsuspecting couple in the crowd, which is then projected onto jumbotrons in the center of the stadium.

The couple is then urged to kiss for the crowd, which is cute when they're actually a couple. The kiss cam took an unexpected turn during the Milwaukee Bucks‏ game on Thursday evening when the camera panned to a man and a woman, who was apparently the man's mother.

Unfortunately, Vaila’s inexperience as a mom showed when she did not clean the birth sac surrounding one cub and it did not survive.

Also, one was born with a deformity and only lived a few hours. On April 2, 2016 Wiay, a first time mom gave birth to 6 cubs( only happens 8% of the time) sired by Kitu.

But she also knew that by sharing the video, she could spread awareness to other families about the need to secure heavy furnishings to the wall.

The kiss cam has become a staple at sporting events. For those unfamiliar, the kiss cam is pretty simple.

Because of her inexperience, she accidentally laid on one of the cubs shortly after birth and it did not survive.

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The nanny cam video shows the moment when twin toddlers, Bowdy and Brock, start climbing their dresser only to have it collapse down on top of them.The Bucks were socked in the kisser by the Toronto Raptors, 92-89, and eliminated from the playoffs in Game 6.Before you press play, let me warn you that this video is hard to watch.Kayli Shoff, Bowdy and Brock's mom, recently shared this video on You Tube after much hesitation.Shoff knew she would catch a lot of grief from internet trolls who love to shame parents when their kids get hurt.

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