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(Dauber & Muller, 1996) 3.5 Billion Origination of the oldest dated stromatolites.

These layered geological formations are built by successive generations of blue green algae (cyanobacteria.) (de Duve, 1995) Lower Precambrian rocks in South Africa contain what is possibly the earliest known evidence of cellular organisms, resembling blue green algae.

The risk of frost and rainfall here is rare and therefore this is why it makes it a predictable place to grow Grapes for premium Wines.

It also makes the Vintage variation rare, meaning consistency in quality the Grapes is very good.

What would happen if Caroline got over Klaus and fall in love with yet another British man?

What if Stefan s sworn enemy-slash-sidekick Enzo wanted a girl that was already claimed by an evil hybrid original with anger issues?

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Overall, 16 per cent of winners have wept on the podium in these Games.

The Time Line presents world history from the viewpoint of a botanist.

It includes brief stories of plant discovery and use that describe the roles of plants and plant science in human civilization.

Klaus is the guy that everyone wants to know with his dashing looks and charisma.

Damon's new Bucket List really gets him into some strange situations.

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