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Grief and illness and tiredness feed off each other in a kind of feeding frenzy.” It is January 2017.Eighteen months ago, Nick Cave's 15-year-old son Arthur fell from a cliff near Brighton, the town on the south coast of England where Cave has lived since 2002 with his wife Susie, Arthur, and Earl, Arthur's twin brother.Not necessarily a traditional model, Jethro helps to show how the jeans would look on a normal guy.Starting this February, the campaign can be seen around stores as the brand continues to grow, both in popularity and in geographical reach.

The helmer, daughter of Parisian photographer Irina Ionesco, achieved notoriety at an early age after appearing nude in her mother’s provocative portraits.

Though rich in texture — a quality most evident in the film’s costume- and set-decorating decisions — “My Little Princess” lacks the artistic and compositional strength one might expect from the daughter of a famous photog, feeling a bit like the racy European equivalent of a Lifetime movie.

One expects the film to identify most strongly with the daughter’s character, but the helmer assumes a bit too easily that audiences will immediately side with her.

(Cave also has two sons, Jethro and Luke, both in their mid-20s, from earlier relationships.) After it happened, Cave obeyed some kind of instinct that told him he had to keep working.

He relates a conversation with Warren Ellis, who for several years has been his closest musical collaborator.

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