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The code is very simple now compared to previos versions. but all high level players wearing set only as i understand it cant compare stats it they will be added/removed not by item stats but by setbonuses if this setbonuses will appear/disappear while you switch two items between each other (equip/inventory) and if we want this, we need first make a base of all sets with all bonuses and al level of set items can be in game and hardcode them into addon, ye it must be alot of work Harven, do you know if it's possible with the current PTS API to have an addon show what your total value gains from wearing the sets is? The function I'm using returns stats differences between given item in your backpack and another item at given equipment slot.Thanks to Miss Bizz for testing it on the PTS The "Repair Cost" section on the screenshot is from my other addon Durability and Charges and the fence icon is from Stolen Filter. Version 0.5: - API version changed to 100017, - Adapted to the latest UI changes. So if the destination slot is empty it acctually tells you stats bonuses of given item.not uploading another version for this...) POESkill Tree1.51Changelog for 1.5 -added support for scion -many old builds maybe incompatible, not my fault here's the link POESkill Tree1.51Changelog for 1.4: Had some time today to work on this, and finally got some stuff done.-Fix aspect ratio clicking issue -pulled the Build manager from Corbomite, thanks for that, i only modified the ui slightly -allow https - 6 instead 5hp -fix graphics -hopefully fixed proxy errors -allow copy stats, although only Passive Attributes for now, item stats get a lot more difficult, also no csv yet because it gets nasty with stats that have more than one number -item loading now loads get-items, and also has a button that allows you to load any file from anywhere.

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It’s been a fun side project to uncover the actual statistics, and validate why certain things feel strong or weak.Comparisons will be added for gear which: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r26 | ogopogo83 | 2014-10-22 0000 (Wed, ) | 1 line Changed paths: A /tags/v1.0.10 (from /trunk:25) Tagging as v1.0.10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r25 | ogopogo83 | 2014-10-22 0000 (Wed, ) | 1 line Changed paths: M /trunk/Set Fix for empty equipment set assignments ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r23 | ogopogo83 | 2014-10-19 0000 (Sun, ) | 1 line Changed paths: M /trunk/Set Fixed bug where if an equipment set would empty a slot or not change the currently equipped item an LUA error would occur ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r21 | ogopogo83 | 2014-10-17 0000 (Fri, ) | 1 line Changed paths: M /trunk/Set Fixed hooks for 6.0.2.Starting with update 2.2 there is a new stats panel attached to the character equipment panel.Facechecking the brush is dangerous, and so is facechecking the web.---Updated for 1.0.0--- Changelog for 1.51 -fixed reset scion crash -fixed character node click crash -added a trap group -changed life per level to 8 instead of 6(still off by 2 though...

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