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The county itself is mostly rural with many small towns and villages that are agricultural in economic activity. However, the modern economy is diverse and includes not only agriculture but also bio-technological, ICT and automotive sectors. The chemical industry in the county dates back to the Roman times when the mining of salt became prevalent in Northwhich and Midllewhich. There is a history of interaction between Cheshire and Wales due to the close land links between them. Department of Welsh, University of Wales, Lampeter.It is historically famous for the production of salt, chemicals, silk and Cheshire Cheese (source: Ingham, A. A large portion of the land is devoted to the dairy and cattle trade (in 2005 20.29 km squared was devoted to this industry (source: Agricultural Holdings - Land and Employment - Cheshire - 2002 to 2005. The name Cheshire comes from Anglo Saxon origins and means the "shire of the city of legions" and is thought to have been founded by Edward the Elder in around 920 CE (source: Crosby, A. A large portion of the original county became part of Wales (source: Harris, B. Retrieval Date: February 21, 2008)) is often used by those in that area.Killing a person because of their nationality would be illegal.Hereford, Chester, York, Shrewsbury..myth has a lot of variants.Those troublesome Welshmen invaded in 1150, but were repelled after a huge battle.In 1245 the town was again destroyed, not by the Welsh, but by King Henry III on his way back from harrying Wales.The physical geography of Cheshire is mostly made up of boulder clay plains which were formed as a consequence of the of the receding ice glaciers.Prehistoric burial grounds can be located at The Bridestones and Robin Hoods Tump and there are also the remains of Iron Age hill forts within the county.

In this case my colleague is insisting you can kill a Welshamn in Hereford with a bow and arrow legally.

The site is off Gorsey Lane, near to the proposed Mersey Gateway bridge.

It is currently occupied by Bayer Crop Science, which will vacate the site my March 2011 as part of a restructure of operations.

This summer, the council will begin a masterplanning exercise to evaluate potential uses for the site, and create a detailed plan by 2010.

Tony Mc Dermott, from Halton Borough Council, said: The sheer size of this piece of land offers unprecedented opportunities in terms of jobs and regeneration.

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