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I checked into my room at the Lathem not knowing what the day would hold. You look up, your eyes hold your desire to please and you know that you are here in response to my instructions.

I took a long shower and wrapped myself in the hotel bathrobe. I glance at the clock, not a minute late, not a minute early. I open the door, you stand in the corridor, your head bowed wearing a white silk blouse, knee length skirt and black “sensible” shoes. “Enter” I say firmly and you walk past me, your shoulder length hair moving gently as you enter the room and stand at the foot of the king size bed.

He had a six pack and strong arms that picked her up with ease. She pulled out a jean mini-skirt, light blue laced tank top, and a short jean jacket. You may not see it, but I definitely do.” “Uh…” She quickly turned her head. Granted it did make her happy, but she could never see what he saw.

A beautiful white that had been touched with just a hint of apricot. When she was finished she went into their bedroom and entered their large walk-in closet.

Continue reading I want my voice to wrap around your cock and provide the vocal ministrations your balls need to give up their precious contents.

I want it to infuse the veins that make it rise to each occasion. Continue reading Was talking to a guy I knew and he had told me that he told some of his friends of my love of cum and Bukkake Phone Sex.

I see the nipples hard against the dark pink areoles. Her legs were feeling a little numb from last night. She left the closet and threw the clothes on the bed and made her way to her dresser. “You always say the most embarrassing stuff.” She giggled and proceeded to get dressed. I love you.” The sound of the water from the shower filled the silence that had soon ensued between them.She hummed and then burst into a fit of laughter as she thought about him again. Removing the towel, she dropped it to the floor and put on her underwear. She walked down the short hallway and into the kitchen. ’ She knew that her husband always got texts from work and he never really bothered to change the password on his phone. She entered the 8-digit number and immediately went for the text messages. ’ She quickly went to the home screen and locked the phone. Yeah that must be it.’ She took a deep breath and put the car into drive.CYBERSEX CHAT NOW completely FREE simply by completing the form, NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED to chat here!If you already have a registered nickname then enter it in the "Nickserv Password" field, otherwise just leave it blank and click "CHAT NOW! Our FREE CYBERSEX CHAT ROOMS are strictly for adults only, so if you are under the age of 18, please leave now!

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