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Although she was allowed to date, her choice of potential boyfriends was scrutinized and she was not fond of being stalked by paparazzi. After that response, perhaps the producers of the new reality show "Roommate" figured the best way for Park Bom to date was to put her in a house with a lot of roommates.

And some of those roommates should be desirable actors.

Karen selected artists Nikki Pugh and Elly Clarke, both of whom are presenting new work at The Lowry.

BOM Fellow Nikki Pugh explores relationships between people and places.

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In the day before the flight their on-line computer system did not recognize my ticket number all though it has for the previous three legs of the ticket. Although they did not say so it was clear it was because it was a Kayak reservation. Each shifted me to another office elsewhere in the airport without giving me clear direction.

Every thing about the flight but the The Customer Service at the Istanbul air port is the WORSE service I have ever seen in the entire world, in fact you can not call it customer service, these people duel on older people that depend on their services and they treat them like garbage.

I have always like Turkish Airlines but now I will try to go with any other Airline because of that problem, all their flight are routed true Istanbul and I do not want to risk being stacked there again!!!!!

The form of the creatures on display at The Lowry is distilled from the outcomes of these test.

Elly Clarke explores the impact of networked culture on our sense of identity and relationships.

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    Rather, in Islamic culture, pre-marital relationships of any kind between members of the opposite sex is forbidden.