Base map updating

For example, if one does not know whether the newborn baby next door is a boy or a girl, the color of decorations on the crib in front of the door may support the hypothesis of one gender or the other; but if in front of that door, instead of the crib, a dog kennel is found, the posterior probability that the family next door gave birth to a dog remains small in spite of the "evidence", since one's prior belief in such a hypothesis was already extremely small.

My problem is that when I change the basemap with the basemapgallery then I try to access to Basemap() and is returning the same basemap that when the Map class was instantianted.

If you say you want to "make a suggestion" it will refer you to the Microsoft Connect site above.

You could, I suppose, report it as a problem (if your proposed change is actually a fix to a problem rather than a suggestion).

It appears that Bing is using basemap data from "Here".

They supply mapping information to several big companies and are the backbone of the majority of in-vehicle navigation software.

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