Barney and robin start dating

But the story was never about Tracy Mc Connell, and that very simple fact is right there in the show's title: How. When you stop and think about it, the "I" is the subject; the "Mother" is only the object.

How I Met Your Mother was always Ted's story, and the Mother was always destined to be just a small part of it.

Although there was diversity in the anti-finale rationale, I noticed a running theme: “This isn’t what we were promised.” Somehow, spiting its well-worn practice of duping its viewers — a practice dating back to the pilot, we might add, and spanning through huge series turns like Barney’s relationship with Quinn, the death of Marshall’s dad, Robin’s faux-children — had maintained many a viewer’s trust that the story it “promised” it was telling was, in fact, the story it was telling.

In fact, my primary critique of the finale is that I would have liked to see more of their time together over the 10 years between their union and her death.

— but something inside of me felt that , for all its mind games and sleight of hand, couldn’t go that far. So, familiar as I was with the possibilities, I was ethereally blindsided by the results of the finale: Barney and Robin got divorced. Ted and Robin, in the very final moments of the episode — following an hour that spanned 15 years, introduced Ted to professional bassist and blossoming philanthropist Tracy Mc Connell with whom he’d have two kids and (subsequently) a Mac Laren’s wedding, and tossed Lily and Marshall a third child, plus one for a post-divorce Barney — wound up together. And to further highlight the peculiarity of this trust, we have to ask: was it ever really the show telling us that we were going to learn how Ted met the mother of his children, or simply Ted himself — a hopeless romantic who we knew from day one saw the world through a particularly thick, idealistic set of rose-colored glasses?He might act nice to her, or maybe even like her in a platonic way, but we all know that Barney regards “fatties” as permanent manatees (see S6E11 “The Mermaid Theory”).It is insulting to expect fans to buy this idea, even for one episode, given Barney’s well-documented distate for overweight people.Time spent delighting in one another’s company, raising in their kids, experiencing their shared love.Time that would have proved that Ted’s refurbished yearning for Robin many years down the line wasn’t an invalidation of The Mother, his quest to meet her, or the series that was ostensibly framed in her honor, but in fact just evidence for the simple fact: people love.

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